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At TCN we recognise the importance of attracting the right people to the luxury yachting industry from the outset to ensure low crew turnover. Our goal is to find young crew that have no illusions about the high level of service and hard work expected of them. To this end, we decided to create an innovative, online eLearning course targeting newcomer stewards and stewardesses, Introduction to Interior Service. We developed this in collaboration with the well-known global maritime instruction and assessment specialists, Marlins, using their expertise to guarantee an engaging and highly effective learning product. The obvious benefit of having an online course is that people can study at their convenience anywhere in the world. The level of English is easy to understand for non-native speakers.

We highly recommend this induction course to any young people considering joining the industry and wanting a realistic portrayal of yachting life and interior duties. The course can help in their decision of whether yachting is the best career choice for them, particularly with the requisite certification costs they will incur. This interactive, fun course is truly informative and comprehensive, covering the following subjects:

  • Introduction to the yachting industry
  • Working life as a yachting professional
  • Emergency response on board a yacht
  • Yacht interior housekeeping
  • Flowers and plants
  • Laundry
  • Food service, drinks and cigars
  • Sanitation and hygiene

The average study time is 7 hours and concludes with a final assessment, enabling individuals to check their knowledge and receive a Certificate of Completion.

We also recommend this induction course to interior maritime professionals wishing to move across from other industry sectors such as the cruise line industry, or, to land based yachting personnel working closely with crew and curious to know more about their counterparts.

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As a program it offers a great insight to the level of knowledge required on board for new interior crew. It's a great modern-day information guide with the added value of fun interactive elements. Joey Meen of the Professional Yachting Association (PYA)

I am always keen to utilise innovative, efficient and progressive tools to recruit, train and develop our onboard teams and ensure a superior service delivery to our Guests and Owners. The Crew Network Interior Service online training course is one of the most advanced programs available in the yachting industry today. The friendly, interactive approach of this online training system ensures that crew members acquire a wealth of information as well as tips, systems, procedures, ideas to render their tasks more focused and efficient. Overall a fantastic training support tool, well needed in an industry where luxury service is a must. Bertrand Petyt, Chief Operating Officer for a Monaco-based Leisure company

From teaching experience, the best way to ensure information is assimilated is by giving relevant and essential facts using enjoyable and dynamic learning tools. This is exactly what our ‘Introduction to Interior Service’ course offers having synergised yachting expertise with the pedagogical skills of a leading maritime training provider. Louise Cailbourdin, Crewing Manager at The Crew Network

I like the layout and organisation of the course, it is user-friendly and easy to follow. Clear objectives and a progression bar are really helpful for keeping track. I do think this course is beneficial for new stewardesses entering the industry. Kati Tarro, experienced stewardess