Terms and conditions
We will require that you send back an email response stating "I have read your terms and conditions and agree to them".

We will also need your company billing address for your client file.

Terms and Conditions of Business 2017
When you place an order with The Crew Network, we begin searching our database of currently available candidates and headhunting employed crew for those who most closely fit your needs as outlined by you.

We ask that you accept our Terms and Conditions before the process starts, not to inconvenience you, rather to make sure that there are no surprises and so that you end up a satisfied client.

Please respond via email stating "I accept the Terms and Conditions presented to me".

Hiring a crew candidate presented by The Crew Network will be deemed as acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

Fee Policy

Understanding that the needs of your yacht are unique, we structure our placement fees as follows:

  • Long Term Placement
    • Fee: One Month’s Salary
    • Applicable: When you request candidates that you expect to employ for longer than 60 days.
    • Guarantee:
      • If payment for the invoice is received within 14 days of the candidate boarding the yacht, we will endeavor to replace the candidate up to twice during the first 90 days aboard.

  • Temporary Placement
    • Fee: 20% of the Salary Paid, fee to be paid at the end of each month of employment.
    • Applicable: When you request candidates that you expect to employ for fewer than 60 days. And upon their rehire for future Temporary Placements.
    • Guarantee:
      • Temporary placements are hired on a per-diem basis and have no replacement guarantee.
      • The maximum fee we will charge for any Temporary placement is the equivalent of One Month’s Salary

  • Day work Placement
    • Fee: Feedback Card only, no monetary fees.
    • Applicable: When you request candidates to be employed for 1 or 2 days. If the position lasts more than 2 days then regular Temporary Placement Fees will apply.
    • Guarantee:
      • No replacement guarantee.

Other Terms

The owner or Captain of the yacht is responsible for all travel and incidental expenses in getting the candidate to and from the yacht. (Unless an agreement is reached and signed by the Yacht/owner and crew member)

The Crew Network screens candidates, checks resumes, interviews candidates, checks references and confirms availability (except as previous noted) as part of our service, but cannot be responsible for the actions of candidates after hiring.

Our replacement guarantees do not include refunds.

A credit card will be taken and this card will be charged if payment is not received in full for the invoice within 30 days of the crew candidate being hired or at the client’s request. We accept MasterCard, Visa and American Express.

Clients, whose yacht is under Fraser Yachts Management, Fraser Yachts Charter Marketing, or for sale as a CA with Fraser Yachts Brokerage House at the time the order is placed, are all offered a 20% discount (non-cumulative) on each Long Term Placement hired through The Crew Network. Please do mention this relationship when you place your order.

When we place a Long Term Placement candidate with you, that candidate will no longer be head-hunted by The Crew Network, nor eligible for placement unless and until they have given you notice of their intent to depart. We will never knowingly extend offers to Long Term Placement candidates that we have placed and collected payment. We will not approach Temporary Placement candidates that we have placed unless the start date for the next position is after the end date that you have told us at the time of the job order.

We are committed to a long-term relationship with our clients and welcome all feedback regarding our services, Terms and Conditions, candidates, team- members, offices, e-presence and communications. If you have any comments or questions, you are always encouraged to contact your Crewing Consultant directly.

Thank you for contacting The Crew Network for your crewing needs.

The Crew Network is proud to announce we are MLC 2006 certified.

The MLC applies to all commercial vessels. In addition, vessels of 500gt and more, trading internationally, will be required to hold a Maritime Labour Certificate (MLC) and a Declaration of Maritime Labour Compliance (DMLC).

We ask that if you are greater than 500gt, you e-mail us either your MLC or DMLC parts I and II. If you are under 500gt or have not received your certification yet, please verify the following and sign and return to The Crew Network:

Do you use a seafarer’s employment agreement?

Do you have current P&I insurance?

Do you understand that you are responsible for the repatriation of a crew member?

The Crew Network asks that all vessels, both commercial and private please send a copy of your yacht registration document. It is also helpful to have a safe manning document attached to your client file to ensure correct compliance.

Thank you for your continued patronage.