Purser Job Description

The Purser reports directly to the Captain and is a position for professionals that love details and order.

To work as a yacht Purser, your earlier career or education should show an aptitude for working with figures and administrative tasks.  Graduates in business administration and accounting are highly sought after.  You may be a motivated yacht stewardess that has carried out specialist Purser interior yacht training because your role has incorporated some purser-type duties.  Or, you may be a Purser transferring across from the luxury cruise line sector.

It is unusual for a vessel to hire a Purser directly from a land-based role.  The hiring managers prefer to promote those that offer at least some yacht crew experience to fully appreciate the specificities of the onboard environment.

It is not surprising that yacht Pursers often have a Steward/ess background, where the same qualities of order and attention to details are primordial.   A Purser’s pencils will always be sharp.  To succeed as a Purser, you will thrive on working with accounting software, contracts, rules and regulations and logistics. You will love the responsibility of liaising closely with the Captain, Department Heads, Owner, Management companies and suppliers to ensure the smooth running of your department and others.  You will offer very good interpersonal skills, be organized and efficient.

A Purser role is an intelligent career move because if you eventually wish to continue your career in a land-based capacity, there are a growing number of related brokerage house opportunities where you can find employment, particularly in yacht management.

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