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Steward(ess) Job Description

The yacht Steward(ess) (or “the stew”), maintains the cleanliness of the yacht’s interior and serves guests on board the yacht. Daily responsibilities include meticulous cleaning of the yacht’s interior, including all guest and common areas, cleaning the staterooms (including the bathrooms, popularly known as “heads and beds”), serving meals, doing laundry, etc. The Steward/ess can be dedicated to just one of these areas on larger superyachts.

The perfect yacht Steward/ess is immaculately and discretely presented, without distracting jewellery or makeup.  You will be a stickler for details such as adhering to cleaning instructions on silk garments and ironing to perfection.  In essence, you will be someone who highly values another person’s property.

In the role of Steward/ess, you will have the endurance to work long hours on your feet, carrying out often repetitive physical tasks whilst gaining personal satisfaction from pristine cabins and perfectly organized wardrobes. 

The successful Steward/ess anticipates the clients’ every need without imposing and is typically a totally service-oriented character that enjoys creative tasks such as table decorations and themed evenings.  Recent developments in the industry have given rise to the need for Steward/esses offering specialist trade skills so you’ll often see requests for Steward/ess-Masseuse, Steward/ess-Hairdresser, Steward/ess-Yoga Instructors amongst others.

Superb all-round technical and leadership skills combined with charismatic client service are essential in yacht Steward/ess jobs and will help you climb the ranks to Chief Steward/ess or Interior Manager.  Your skillset will have been honed along the way thanks to wonderful mentors on reputable yachts and continued learning.

Yacht Steward/Stewardess jobs require at least basic STCW10 certificates, a Medical Fitness exam and ideally Food Health & Hygiene Level 2 as well as Silver Service proficiency to carry out this role. A newcomer should also offer transferable skills from land-based hospitality employment such as a chalet season or having worked in fine dining establishments. Hotel and Tourism graduates are warmly welcomed in the profession.

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