Louise Cailbourdin Crew Consultant Antibes
Louise Cailbourdin Crew Consultant Antibes

Louise Caïlbourdin

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The very best crewing consultants in yachting have at least two of the following skills: a thorough understanding of how crewing works, experience in yacht operations and importantly, a solid understanding of the processes and techniques required for successful professional recruitment.

Rare in the marketplace even today, Louise has all three!

A former Charter Manager, Teacher and Head-hunter of note in Executive Search, Louise has played a key part in the success of TCN – she was co-founder and shareholder in the Antibes office back in 1999.

Born and bred in Cheshire, England, Louise has lived and travelled all over the world, speaking no less than three languages. In over 14 years she has placed more than 1,000 Captains and Crew on over 700 yachts, often repeat clients, from 24m (79’) to 120m+ (394’) in length including many of the industry’s most notable newbuild projects.

Respected by clients and industry alike for her warmth, tenacity, sharp mind and conscientious approach, Louise’s in-depth recruitment skills and intelligent placement have furthered the careers of many candidates worldwide. Her ability to source and pre-filter quality candidates to match existing crew setups continues to save Captains and Owners the frustration and time lost with poorly considered appointments.

A voracious reader and aficionado for the arts, Louise’s greatest pride outside of her work is her daughter Romane who, having inherited her mother’s creative drive, is currently living her dream in some of the world’s most reputable thespian circles.

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