Louise Cailbourdin Crew Consultant Antibes
Louise Cailbourdin Crew Consultant Antibes

Louise Caïlbourdin

  • TCN Co-Founder (Retired 2022)
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Louise, co-founder of the TCN Antibes office in 1999, retired from her illustrious career in 2022, leaving behind a legacy of excellence and professionalism in the yachting industry. Throughout her tenure, Louise’s dedication to sourcing top talent and her keen eye for matching crew with yacht setups not only contributed significantly to the success of numerous vessels but also ensured the satisfaction of both owners and crew members alike. Her retirement marked the end of a remarkable chapter in the world of yacht crew management. Despite stepping away from the industry, Louise’s impact continues to be felt, and her expertise remains a benchmark for aspiring crewing consultants at The Crew Network.

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