Chef Job Description

The Chef’s responsibility is all guest and crew food. Yacht chefs must also clean the galley, including all the cooking utensils, pots and pans, menu planning, provisioning and gourmet research.

As a Chef, you will be culinary trained and preferably have worked in fine dining establishments internationally.   Your culinary repertoire will ideally be varied and include special dietary needs. 

Working as a yacht chef can be a wonderful experience as you often have the luxury of a larger budget and the opportunity to express your talents fully.  However, you should be aware of the constraints and differences to working in a land-based kitchen.  You are often alone in a small workspace with limited storage, having to prepare changing menus for demanding guests and crew. What’s more, as you move to different destinations you will have to source different, local ingredients.

The luxury yacht Chef is not just a natural creative with a passion for cooking.  As a yacht Chef you must also have an adaptable personality that can cater to every client’s culinary preference whilst surprising guests with your sublime culinary prowess.  The best yacht Chefs will synchronise with the Chief Stewardess for harmonious, timely and seemingly effortless service.  You must display resilience and an ability to think on your feet as you are often required to work long hours and under the pressure of producing excellent fare at short notice, any time.  

The Chef’s food presentation must always be exquisite, the galley spotless and the stores and accounts in order whatever the circumstances.  On the larger vessels, Chefs enjoy the assistance of a Sous Chef and Crew Chef or a whole galley team.

A newcomer Chef will have the minimum basic STCW10 certificates and a Medical Fitness exam.  Additional requirements include Food Health & Hygiene Level 2 and a Ship’s Cook Certificate.

The hiring process is often based on the quality of your sample menus and food photos along with the customary career history vetting and verifiable references.

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